Mitsubishi FTO tuning guide.


FTO – Faster As Opposed To Others

The FTO from Mitsubishi is a solid and reliable sports coupe that will adequetly deal with the daily commute and school run and track days.

Powered by the 6A12 engine you have a good starting point and most cars are pushing out 180BHP.

The NASP 2. Mivec engine will manage to benefit from a better induction sports and kit exhaust. Owners who have just fitted an induction kit often remark that the power is slightly down. Alternatively, a little worse.

Tuning tips and articles

To combat this get a sports cat, sports exhaust and after that remap the engine paying careful focus to fueling. This ought to push the peak ability to around the 200bhp mark.

With a NASP 2. engine you may push the strength up to around 200bhp to get more you need a turbo.

For larger power gains an engine swap is the only real choice. Messing around adding a turbo or supercharger is definitely not as affordable as inserting Galant VR4 Twin Turbo 2.5 litre lump. Other owners opt to go with an Evo engine swap and there exists a steady stream of parts modifications just for this. (See the Galant tuning article for suitable engine tuning options.)

It might be improved with a set of adjustable coilovers, even though the handling around the standar car is quite sharp. Should you go with an induction kit please get yourself a cold air feed pipe, we would also recomend an FSE Fuel boost valve and.

It can be worth noting that on models with all the Tiptronic gearbox there is a noticable lack of power. The gearbox appears to soak up around 20bhp of the available power, so for power fans you need to stick to a manual box.

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