LTMW Porsche 997 GT3 – Wider is Better


LTMW Porsche 997 GT3 – Wider is preferable

When you hate another few pages-but we can appreciate all rad cars whether Honda or Nissan, BMW or Porsche, sorry, we’re not sorry. If we were required to pick one European car that stopped us in our tracks, it was Darren Yoo’s LTMW built 2007 Porsche 997 GT3, and at this year’s SEMA show. It doesn’t take a Porsche fanatic to comprehend how sick Darren’s GT3 is, although we haven’t featured a fair share of Porsches.You might recognize the owner’s name if you’re a normal reader. Truth be told, Darren is an attention whore, always one-upping his previous builds. He doesn’t build his cars for magazine features or stardom, but his fashion sense and selection of parts are just that spot-on. He’s had a 600hp BMW 335i on the cover of the late eurotuner magazine, plus his Liberty Walk supercharged M3 was also featured here in Super Street, not forgetting his GT-R as well (now owned by Bernardo Pena, November 2014 cover). Now, his latest build entails Porsche’s flagship car-the 911, more specificallyWe like the teal paint splatter on the BBS E88s-they tie in the rollcage, rear wing, and vinyl!

When you think aftermarket widebody Porsches, you believe Rauh-Welt Begriff. Although Darren’s past two builds sported the design work of Wataru Kato of Liberty Walk, the direction of this Porsche is of a new breed. California-based company Vollkommen Design was sourced for the GT3’s exterior styling. The front is widened by 2.5 inches, as the rear gets a massive 4.5 inches wider. I wanted to take something different other than Liberty Walk, Rocket Bunny, or RWB, though darren explains, I love the Liberty Walk 997 design. Sometimes you can’t eat sushi all the time. (I beg to differ. -JT). That’s what fueled him to accomplish it even more, although darren admitted that RWB did actually inspire him, and there were a lot of people who told him not to cut the body on the GT3. It’s made entirely from carbon fiber. That’s what distinguishes the Vollkommen aero through the rest.The front side wheels measure 18×10.5 inches as well as the rears are an impressive 18×13.5 inches-the perfectcanards and splittersis Better

Inside the cabin you’ll get a nice paradox of style approaches. Much like the Mitsubishi Evolution X to the IX, the 997 is a more driver-friendly car compared to its predecessor. With the additions of any GMG six-point rollcage, Recaro Pole Position seats, Personal steering wheel, and CAE shifter, this 911 is always begging for track duties.

A GT3’s engine performance from your factory is impressive, so Darren opted not to change too much from the 3.8L flat-six. With only a Porsche Motorsports intake and a cat-less iPE exhaust, the 997 gains a little bump in power over the factory-rated 475 hp-but the sound is absolutely heavenly, especially at its 9,000-rpm redline! Darren informs us, It accelerates similar to my boosted E92 M3, but even better!We’re very envious of Darren, but we have a lot of respect for him. Born in Korea, he came to the Usa when he was 13, living off 20 dollars every day and a diet of service station hot dog combos. He worked his way to the top and has had every single crappy job you can imagine: factorydishwasher and worker, and waiter. Now self-employed, he’s living the dream and building all the cars he could only dream of having when he was actually a kid. My life wasn’t all that gravy, yo, but I worked hard and I’m grateful to meet all the cool people on my way up, he concludes. From rags to riches, Darren’s success inspires us all, and we’ll continue tois much better

Euro Talk

In the JDM world, you’ll hear people mention EK9,FC3S and EJ6, ZN6. Now before you pull-up Wikipedia, they are simply chassis codes you may commonly see in the engine bay. Porsche, it seems, is a bit different. They merely call it by Porsche’s internal classification. From the dealer, once you sign your way of life away for Porsche’s flagship car, you will be technically investing in a 911. Below are all the 911 models because of their proper generation abbreviation so that you can pretend to chat like a Porsche aficionado.

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